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What is this shit?
[community profile] fuckingsnakes is a musebox using the setting of Warriors Orochi (but not limited to WO characters), in which characters from all manner of canons based in Asian history can hang out and be badasses together. Koei, Basara, Hakuouki, Peacemaker Kurogane, Ikkitousen, that one Three Kingdoms otome game with the catpeople - it's all good, bring it on. When in doubt, this handy chart will light the way.

Okay, but I don't know Warriors Orochi...
That's okay, we don't mind. There's a Setting 101 post here that you can take a quick look at to get the general idea, but it's pretty flexible. Essentially, Orochi smashed the relevant time periods together, so familiar locations will still be around - just in weird places, next to unfamiliar things, and very likely in ruins or with random lava pools and other vaguely apocalyptic things suddenly taking up space. Run with it. THE WORLD IS YOUR PLAYGROUND.

Something about time travel?
The entire plot of WO3 revolves around the heroes being sent back in time to refight old battles, fix previous mistakes, and manipulate the timeline to ensure that as many of them live to make it to the final battle as possible. As such, while there is in theory some kind of continuity going on here, in practice you really don't have to think that hard about it - as anything that doesn't fit can simply be explained as having happened in some branch off the timeline that got "fixed" somehow. So feel free to do things out of order, do a scenario that's been done but with whatever changes your heart desires, start things without waiting for other things to finish if you don't want to, and otherwise bend time gently over the desk while whispering sweet nothings in its ear.

Are there rules?
They can pretty much be summarized as "don't be a douchebag." Be excellent to each other. And while you don't have to worry about being family-friendly, do put up warnings where something might be stretching the bounds of good taste. It's helpful for those of us who want to stalk your horrible things those who might not be comfortable reading it.

Yes, there will probably be horrible sexytimes happening somewhere. That's what you get when half of us are from Amat.

Tag your stuff! The format is canon: character; we're going with eastern order (surname first).

Anything else?
It's not required for those of you who enjoy being ninja, but you may want to drop by here and tell us which journals are yours and how's best to get ahold of you if anyone has a question about something.

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masamune sucks snake cock, orochi is a douche
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